The largest figure drawing meetup in the Bay Area. With events in SF, Oakland, SLO & LA.

Sketchboard events are donation based, volunteer run, and inclusive, all-ages, body-positive spaces for local communities.

We host regular classes with 3 models accompanied by live music. 



The Red Vic

A 20 bedroom historic building converted into a co-living home, hotel, and events space.

Re-opened in fall 2014 as part of the Embassy Network, The Red Vic is a community resource for locals as well as an inspiring, radical, and collaborative home away from home for people from all over the world.



An experiment in what is possible when a community shares the gift of physical space. 

Started in June 2013, inspired by the National Day of Civic Hacking when a 14,000sq ft building on 7th & Mission in SF was acquired for the monthly rent of  just $1.

We hosted over 300 free events in the first month, and hosted long term projects such as a free bike share, maker classes for people in homeless shelters, and a community garden.

[freespace] inspired similar projects in 26 locations and 18 different countries around the world.


Activate McCoppin

For one month, an abandoned parking lot in a San Francisco neighborhood was turned in to a community generated events space.

Local residents came together to host and attend concerts, dinners, yoga, art classes, meet their neighbors, and re-imagined the potential of the underutilized space on their block..





Sex Map

Using data to break down the stereotype of gender binaries and intolerance towards non-heteronormative lifestyles. Creating a broader understanding of the human experience, and providing a safe space for self exploration

Users map themselves using a point on a graph based on gender (male-female on the x axis) and sexuality (straight-gay on the Y axis). The result is a visualization of the idea that there is no minority, and that as dynamic creatires human beings tend to collect in the 'grey area' rather than on either end of these spectrums.